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Thanks To...

First I am happy to have the time to work on this stuff thanks to my employer:

Project Description
An implementation of an SSRS Data Processsing Extension to connect SSRS to the ForeFront Identity Manager web service.

FIM 2010 lacks reporting functionality such as report builders, storage and distribution.

Strong partner offerings are available for purchase that supply in depth solutions to this feature gap.

This project provides a free-ish solution based on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Think of this as a stepping stone to more mature offerings. If you are willing to learn a bit about SSRS then this project will enable you to connect SSRS to the FIM 2010 web service without any intermediary data loading. SSRS can use the assembly produced by this project to connect to FIM directly, making the FIM web service look like just another SQL database table for reporting purposes.

Current State
The code uploaded has been used to develop a number of reports already, but should not yet be considered stable. I've shared this code privately and received positive feedback and seen deployments, but have not yet received code reviews. There are a number of enhancements to be made, including performance improvements and tracing.

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